Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, CA
A Breakdown of the Major US Hotel Sales for Q1

Underscored by the strength of room rates, copious amounts of leisure patronage and rebounding group business, the pace of travel recovery has been robust.

CRE Eyes Wide Open

Join Founder and CEO of 1st Service Solutions, Ann Hambly, and Daniel Lesser, President & CEO of LW Hospitality Advisors while they discuss the 3 silos of business in the lodging sector. Dan has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry working with hospitality for over 30 years now.

Transforming Transactions: Headline Deals during the Pandemic

Panelists from different sectors of the hotel and lodging industry will discuss key headline and game-changing transactions over the past 18 months, with commentary from industry financial advisors and stock analysts.

U.S. Lodging Industry – Q1 2022

Daniel Lesser presented an update on the lodging industry at the 9th Annual GF Hospitality Forum.

Who Would Have Thought

While business forecasting will always be critical to making well-founded decisions, it is important to be cognizant that predicting the unpredictable is to some extent a crapshoot, and that accurate forecasting is based in part on science and luck.

Hospitality Experts with Evan Weiss

Evan Weiss serves as Chief Operating Officer, Principal of LW Hospitality Advisors®.

US Major Hotel Sales Survey for Q4

During 2021, vaccines and booster shots paved the way for a brief return to some semblance of normalcy, however as we enter 2022 the nearly two-year global health crisis is not over.

SWOT Analysis Of The U.S. Lodging Industry

Sophisticated hotel market participants routinely consider the sector’s highly fluid strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Myth vs. Reality – ‘Going Concern’ Hotel Valuations

In the recent past, many appraisers retained by lodging property owners in connection with tax assessment appeals have erroneously used a “going concern” premise to valuation, resulting in wide differences in hotel property value estimates between opposing appraisers.

Remember When?

The moral of this story (blog) is, do not necessarily believe everything that you hear and/or read.

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