Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, CA
Hotel Hygiene and Safety Remain a Challenge

Although the lodging industry has traditionally committed to cleanliness and safety, the fact is that sanitary issues at many types of lodging facilities have been a challenge for a long time.

Evidence of COVID’s Impact on U.S. Hotel Values

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year has for the most part resulted in a reset in lodging property values.

How Hotel Sales Performed in Q3

Long term opportunistic investors that bet big, at the right basis, and early in the cycle will likely reap tremendous financial rewards.

Virtual Meetings Won’t Cause the Demise of Travel

COVID-19 will eventually pass to the point when we can once again meet in person. While virtual connectivity will continue to be a widely used tool for many, the notion of technology resulting in the demise of travel to meet in person currently remains farfetched.

Business Enterprise Approach Theory is Unsubstantiated

The manufactured terminology and theory of BEA/TAB is a foreign concept to well-informed market participants within the lodging real estate investment arena.

The Principle of Change and ‘Highest and Best Use’

Real property is in a constant state of flux and change, affecting individual assets, neighborhoods and cities. Economic, environmental, government and social forces affect all markets, particularly real estate. Highest and best use often is identified as the key concept supporting real estate use and value decisions.

Flawed Florida Court Decision Could Affect Hotel Valuations

The case involved a tax appeal of the 2015 assessment of the Disney Yacht & Beach Club Resort in Orlando, FL.

Q2 2020 Major US Hotel Sales Survey

It appears that this downturn may very well produce a period that rivals the very best in both returns and depth of opportunity.

‘Eatertainment’ Gaining Ground

Combine “eating” with “entertainment” and you have “eatertainment.” While this concept dates to the 1970s, there has been a recent surge in such venues opening across the globe, particularly with the proportion of millennials, who seek and share experiences, surpassing the other generations in the population.

Why are Consumer Goods Companies Getting Into Lodging?

Brand extension, also known as brand stretching, is a marketing strategy in which an established brand uses its name in another product or business category.

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