Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, CA
Travel Groups Want More From Washington But Are They Asking Too Much?

Hotel groups continue to have a receptive audience in Washington regarding relief funds, but they will need to be careful not to overstep in asking for stimulus further down the recovery path.

Market Volatility Leads Short-Term Rentals Into Uncharted Territory

The coronavirus pandemic has left no part of the travel industry unscathed, and that includes the unicorn of the short-term rental world.

Hotel Deals and Lending Zapped by Coronavirus at the Finish Line

Until lenders can wade through the $2 trillion U.S. stimulus package and determine valuations, hotel deals will remain on ice. Expect smaller banks to issue the first round of hotel loans on the upswing.

Meet the Money 2019: What’s on the Horizon for the Hotel Industry?

We asked Meet the Money 2019 attendees where they see the hospitality industry headed in 2019 and 2020--where are the opportunities? The challenges? What trends are emerging? Hotel executives tell us what their expectations are at our national hotel finance and investment conference.

10 Tips People New To Hotel And Commercial Property Ownership Need To Know

Hotels and other commercial properties are more than just the physical brick-and-mortar building and entrepreneurs making their first foray into the hotel or commercial property real estate industry may not necessarily know what they are getting themselves into.

Contributing Thought Leader asked its Advisory Network "where do you see the best opportunities for hotel investment or development?"

Hotel Industry Insights Webinar Series: Appraisals

Join Mike McGinley of Live Oak Bank along with Evan Weiss and Daniel Lesser of LW Hospitality Advisors as they kick off the Hotel Industry Insights Webinar Series and cover all things appraisals.

Hotel Brand Proliferation Run Amok

Much has been written about brand proliferation in the hotel industry over the last several years, but the explosive increase of hotel brands in recent years has reached an astounding level. This staggering trend of exponential growth appears to have no end in sight.

Here’s the Largest U.S. Hotel Deals of 2018

Last year was a record-breaking one for the United States hotel industry in terms of key performance metrics as well as supply and demand.

Dual-Brand Hotels Aren’t The Industry’s Golden Ticket To Big Profits

The hotel industry’s knight in shining armor isn’t generating the massive profit surplus operators were expecting.

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