Wynn – Las Vegas, NV
Chief Investment Officer

"Dan Lesser is one of the leading valuation experts in our industry. His firm is extremely knowledgeable about all different asset types in the hotel space and when you couple that with the firm’s responsiveness and timeliness on delivery, they rise to the top."

Leslie Ng - Chief Investment Officer
Interstate Hotels & Resorts
Chief Executive Officer

“If you want the best in hotel valuation, and market studies, you go to an expert with a proven record of success. That’s where Dan Lesser and his team at LWHA come in. His more than 30 years of experience, knowledge, honesty, reliability, and solid work ethic cannot be beat.”

Jonathan Falik - Chief Executive Officer
JF Capital Advisors
Partner & Chief Operating Officer

“I have known Gary Isenberg for over 25 years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, professional and dependable. Gary's extensive hospitality experiences, coupled with his exceptional communication skills have earned him the distinction as a respected leader in our industry.”

Phil Tufano - Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Kokua Hospitality, LLC

“Dan, I have attached the arbitration award which we received yesterday afternoon. Insofar as your head-to-head against Opposing Expert is concerned, the score is now Lesser 1, Opposing Expert 0. Of the $4,127,000 in damages to which Opposing Expert testified, the arbitration panel awarded the following amount: $0. This is the legal equivalent of a first round knockout by Lesser of Opposing Expert. A left hook followed by a devastating right uppercut, and on the canvas he went. Way to go Champ! This one has to go on your resume.”

Gino Bulso, Esq. - Partner
Leader, Bulso & Nolan, PLC

"The experts at LWHA - Dan, Evan and Gary - have set the standard for hospitality consulting, feasibility, valuation and operational advisory. Their (collective) assertive and sharp acumen are like no other. When referring operators, developers, lenders to expert professionals, one can count on this team to be diligent, intelligent, and proactive. LWHA puts their client first and you'd want Dan's quick thinking and profound industry knowledge on your side!"

Leora Halpern Lanz - President
LHL Communications

“Dan Lesser and his team are exceptionally in-tune with the transactional market dynamics of the hospitality industry. They are trusted advisors who have never failed to deliver for us successfully and on time.”

Steve Kisielica - Principal
Lodging Capital Partners, LLC
President and CEO

“Dan Lesser doesn’t mince words, and he doesn’t try to be your friend just to make you feel good. I have hired him on countless occasions because I know he digs deep for credible answers, feeds them straight, and tries to get you to be honest with yourself. Dan is a teacher, an initiator, and a coach all rolled into one.”

Andrew Stein - President and CEO
Makopastreet Partners, LLC

“Dan Lesser is widely recognized as a premiere hotel valuation expert and a thought leader in the area of property tax. I have engaged Dan’s services in connection with numerous hotel property tax matters. My clients want to win, and I know that Dan’s work is unassailable and he never falters when his opinions and conclusions are challenged.”

Frank Ferruggia Esq. - Partner
McCarter & English LLP
Chief Operating Officer

“I wouldn’t even think of embarking on a major project in the lodging industry without bringing in LW Hospitality Advisors. The team is comprised of experts in all areas of valuation and market analyses. Over the years, I have come to regard LWHA Principal Evan Weiss as a trusted advisor and friend who understands the nuances and strategies that are part of any successful hotel endeavor. Hands down, Evan and his team are top notch at what they do.”

Patrick McGowan - Chief Operating Officer
McGowan Builders Inc.

“I have always been impressed with Dan Lesser’s knowledge and expertise which I have relied upon many times. For many years Dan was a featured speaker at our annual two day event "How to Open a Restaurant -- and Make it Last". His blunt discussion on how a restaurant’s success has little to do with food, and much to do about real estate, was thought provoking and a crowd pleaser."

Drew Nieporent - Founder
Myriad Restaurant Group
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