Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, CA
City Hall pushing rule that requires new Union Square hotels to hire unionized staffs

Q2 2019 U.S. Lodging Market Update

With 121 consecutive months of growth through Q2 2019, the U.S. economy is now in record territory for the longest expansion period in history.

Meet the Money 2019: What’s on the Horizon for the Hotel Industry?

We asked Meet the Money 2019 attendees where they see the hospitality industry headed in 2019 and 2020--where are the opportunities? The challenges? What trends are emerging? Hotel executives tell us what their expectations are at our national hotel finance and investment conference.

Preventive maintenance saves capital

How To Flag Your Hotel In The Age Of Brand Proliferation

In the age of hotel brand proliferation, new brands sprout almost weekly. This dizzying array of choices doesn’t the make the decision about which flag to fly on a property any easier for hotel developers.

10 Tips People New To Hotel And Commercial Property Ownership Need To Know

Hotels and other commercial properties are more than just the physical brick-and-mortar building and entrepreneurs making their first foray into the hotel or commercial property real estate industry may not necessarily know what they are getting themselves into.

Contributing Thought Leader asked its Advisory Network "where do you see the best opportunities for hotel investment or development?"

U.S. Lodging Industry 2019: Navigating at Peak – SWOT Analysis

Keep Your Eye on Airbnb

In a rapidly changing world, particularly with respect to digital technological advances, the lodging sector has often been reactive.

Q1 2019 U.S. Lodging Market Update

Despite GDP indicative of a slowing economy during Q4 2019, the U.S. economic expansion which commenced in June 2009, is soon approaching the longest post-World War II expansion with uninterrupted growth.

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