Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, CA
Industry Leaders Share Thoughts on the Future of Attribute-Based Shopping in Reaction to Stayntouch-NYU Tisch Center of Hospitality Report

Experts reinforce study’s conclusion that hotel guest booking desires are evolving to encompass more control over the hotel experience

Here are the Major US Hotel Sales in the Second Quarter

The survey includes 133 single asset sale transactions that totaled roughly $5.3 billion and included approximately 21,200 hotel rooms with an average sale price per room of $248,000.

Hotel and Motel Real Estate Listings Evidence of Post-Pandemic Growth

A comprehensive report recently published by LW Hospitality Advisors tells the story: in the first quarter of last year hotel sales transactions above the $10 million mark represented 31 single asset sales transactions and some 17,000 individual hotel rooms.

What’s the Deal with Deals, Valuations and More

Glenn is back from the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference so we have Evan Weiss from LWHA Advisors on to talk about getting deals done. A lot has happened over the last two years. What does the future look like for opportunity?

LWHA Asset Management Group (LWHA) Announces Appointment of Hans Bruland as Executive Advisor

Lodging industry veteran Hans Bruland has joined LWHA's Asset Management Group senior leadership team.

Reflections About Rising Inflation, Interest Rates on Values

While the influence of rising inflation and interest rates create new challenges for the lodging industry, during the near term, investment in U.S. hotel property is anticipated to remain desirable and at attractive valuations.

A Breakdown of the Major US Hotel Sales for Q1

Underscored by the strength of room rates, copious amounts of leisure patronage and rebounding group business, the pace of travel recovery has been robust.

CRE Eyes Wide Open

Join Founder and CEO of 1st Service Solutions, Ann Hambly, and Daniel Lesser, President & CEO of LW Hospitality Advisors while they discuss the 3 silos of business in the lodging sector. Dan has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry working with hospitality for over 30 years now.

Transforming Transactions: Headline Deals during the Pandemic

Panelists from different sectors of the hotel and lodging industry will discuss key headline and game-changing transactions over the past 18 months, with commentary from industry financial advisors and stock analysts.

U.S. Lodging Industry – Q1 2022

Daniel Lesser presented an update on the lodging industry at the 9th Annual GF Hospitality Forum.

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