Ivan Colmenares

Ivan Colmenares

Vice President

Ivan Colmenares currently serves as a Vice President at LWHA®. Ivan served as a Food and Beverage Manager at the New York Palace Hotel, where he successfully increased service standards in different outlets and worked collaboratively with long-term union staff members to set and exceed both profit and service goals. After the renovation at the hotel, Ivan helped to develop standards for hospitality events in the premium suites, thus attracting celebrities and members of worldwide royal families and increasing revenue and prestige.

Prior to this, Ivan gained significant operational and financial experience working with Juan Valdez Coffee (JVC) in Bogota, Colombia and in New York City. In Colombia, Ivan conducted several market analyses and feasibility studies that helped in the rapid expansion of over 100 cafes in 6 countries during an 18-month period. In the US, where cafes were operating at a significant loss, he restructured the operations and realigned service standards, ultimately leading the cafes to break even. He also facilitated the planning and construction of two additional cafes in Miami, which initiated negotiations with a franchisee planning to open more cafes in 2015.

Ivan holds his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia and his Master’s degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Brand Strategy from New York University.

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