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Top Hotel Trade Group Sits on Sidelines While Debate Roars Over Special Permits

As the de Blasio administration moves forward with its proposal to limit hotel development in large swaths of the city, the main trade group representing hotel owners – whose members have conflicting attitudes toward the plan – is sitting the debate out.

Analysis: Costly Impact of NYC’s Plan to Curb Hotel Development in M1 Zones

LW Hospitality Advisors has revealed the findings of a comprehensive M1 Zoning Hotel Market Analysis completed in advance of the city’s decision regarding the certification of the proposed action to limit new hotel development in M1 zoning districts.

Analysis Reveals Costly Impact of City’s Plan to Curb Hotel Development in M1 Zones

Leading hotel industry analyst LW Hospitality Advisors has announced the findings of a comprehensive M1 Zoning Hotel Market Analysis.

M1 Zoning Hotel Market Analysis

This report explores the historical and prospective economic trends of the New York City hotel & tourism market and the potential unintended economic and social impacts if the proposed special permit to limit hotel development in M1 zoning districts is adopted by the New York City Department of City Planning (DCP).

Checking In With Gary Isenberg of LWHA

As president of LW Hospitality Advisors Asset & Property Management Services (LWHA), it’s Gary Isenberg’s business to identify and respond to trends in the industry.

Hunter Hotel Conference Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

This year, the number of speakers—127—surpassed the number of attendees at that very first Hunter Conference.

How Hotels Can Drive Revenue (and Cut Costs)

It’s a constant source of anxiety for any hotel manager. How can you deliver maximum profit while maintaining the guest experience?

Carmel’s Financing, Ownership, of $40 Million Luxury Hotel Creates the Opportunity for Risk or Reward

Mayor Jim Brainard is negotiating a deal for Carmel to become deeply involved in financing, owning and operating a $40 million luxury hotel, which is raising questions about the rewards and risks of the city's increasingly aggressive approach to redevelopment.

AccorInvest: Major Investors Check Into €4.4bn Deal

Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund teams up with a variety of institutional investors to invest in what has been billed as 'the last major opportunity to buy into a hospitality carve-out.'

Forbes Billionaires 2018: Meet The Richest People On The Planet

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to LW Hospitality Advisors.

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