Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, CA
Near‐Term Outlook for Lodging Remains Positive

Although the hotel industry has been operating at peak levels for several years, accelerated supply growth, which has been readily absorbed in most markets due to the expanding economy, has contributed to weaker than normal average room rate growth.

What is the Ideal Hospitality Graduate Like?

Dr. Donna Quadri-Felitti, the Marvin Ashner director and associate professor, School of Hospitality Management at Penn State (and fellow HOTELS blogger), and I recently discussed the notion of an “ideal” hotel school graduate.

The Business Case for Brand Proliferation

Brands continue to add flags to their family of brands to attract customers and get an edge on the competition, but could all of these brands survive a downturn?

Amazon’s NYC Retreat: The Principle of Change

The good news is that LIC’s long-term development boom will continue an upward trajectory. It just will not be as rapid a transformation that Amazon moving into the area would have ushered in.

Q4 2018 U.S. Lodging Market Update

Economic growth, record low unemployment, relative low inflation, rising government spending, and tax reform have combined to produce one of the longest periods of sustained growth ever in the United States.

Q4 2018 US Lodging Market Update

2018 was another record-breaking year for the U.S. hotel industry with new all-time high operating metrics.

Failure, Finance and Bill Gates’ Toilet Idea: My Top 10 Reads of 2018

Of the hundreds of writings I read during the past year, following are 10 favorites (in no particular order) that I found thought-provoking or inspirational.

Navigating at Peak: A SWOT Analysis of the U.S. Hotel Industry

In order to remain competitive, cutting-edge hotel market participants routinely consider the sector’s highly fluid strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Q3 2018 U.S. Lodging Market Update

The LW Hospitality Advisors (LWHA) Q3 2018 Major US Hotel Sales Survey includes 57 single asset sale transactions over $10 million, none of which are part of a portfolio.

The Importance of an Exit Strategy

While few are anticipating a major market crash, the duration, depth of a prospective economic recession and risk of a downturn is higher now than it has been for more than five years.

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