Dear Airbnb…
Category: Articles  •  Date: 12/05/2017  •  Publication: Hotel Online  •  Author: Daniel Lesser  •  View the article
Capitalist competition is meant to be fair and balanced, and the fact is, Airbnb and its hosts’ and users’ must comply with state and local laws, codes, and regulations that apply to traditional types of transient lodging facilities. Read More >
Dear Airbnb
Category: Articles  •  Date: 12/04/2017  •  Publication: Hotels Magazine  •  Author: Daniel Lesser  •  View the article
Airbnb appears to be on the defensive and feeling the pressure of a regulatory environment that is closing in its enterprise. Read More >
A Supersonic Threat to the Lodging Industry
Category: Articles  •  Date: 10/23/2017  •  Publication: Hotels Magazine  •  Author: Daniel Lesser  •  View the article
While the economic benefits of civil supersonic aviation over land will be enormous, the reintroduction of supersonic transport will surely reduce the need for transient hotel accommodations, resulting in a negative impact for the lodging industry. Read More >